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To reflect its rich and diverse aviation heritage, Lincolnshire boasts a wide range of interesting aviation attractions and partnerships.

To name a few, the Red Arrows are based at Scampton, and Coningsby is home to the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and its associated Visitor’s Centre. At the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre at East Kirkby you can hear the roar of Merlin engines as Lancaster ‘Just Jane’ completes a taxy run, whilst Digby Lima Sector Operations Museum is an authentic Operations Room, complete with original plotting table.

Some of the centres highlight the impact of an airfield on the local community, set out in remote parts of the county. Some are best seen in company with other aviation heritage sites, or other local attractions. Check out the sites below, and put together your own journey of discovery into the aviation of Lincolnshire.

Through its fifteen member sites and other partners, Aviation Heritage Lincolnshire remains at the forefront of promoting our proud history of aviation.

Aviation Heritage Partners

Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Visitor Centre

Cranwell Aviation Heritage Centre

Metheringham Airfield Visitor Centre

Newark Air Museum

We’ll Meet Again Museum

RAF Digby Sector Operations Room Museum

RAF Ingham Heritage Centre

Grantham Museum

RAF Scampton Heritage Centre

RAF Waddington Heritage Centre

RAF Waddington Aircraft Viewing Experience

RAF Wickenby Memorial Museum

RAF College Cranwell Heritage & Ethos Centre

Thorpe Camp Visitor Centre

International Bomber Command Centre

Lincolnshire Aviation Society

Aviation Heritage Lincolnshire