A story of Discovery, Education and Remembrance

The International Bomber Command Centre (IBCC) is a world-class facility to serve as a point for recognition, remembrance and reconciliation for Bomber Command. Providing the most comprehensive record of the Command in the world, the IBCC ensures that generations to come can learn of their vital role in protecting the freedom we enjoy today.

57, 861 gave their lives.
Don't let their memories fade.

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The International
Bomber Command Centre

During WWII over a million men and women served or supported Bomber Command.  They came from 62 nations across the world and were united in their efforts to protect the freedom we enjoy today.  The service included Aircrew, Ground Crew, Women’s Auxiliary Air Force, Auxiliary Air Transport, Auxiliary Transport Services, NAAFI and many others.

Bomber Command suffered the highest losses of any unit during WWII but have struggled for recognition.

Every member of Bomber Command aircrew was a volunteer.

The average age at death was only 23.

“Bomber County is the place from where many of us operated,
so most veterans think that this is the place where we should
be remembered. The magnificent Memorial, Digital Archive,
Exhibition and International Peace Gardens when completed
will ensure that memories of our sacrifices will live on.”
H. James Flowers
50/44 Squadrons, rear gunner

  • Whilst the majority came from the UK and the Commonwealth the remainder came from countries as diverse as Nigeria and Peru.  Their service and sacrifices are remembered in the exhibition.
  • Of the 125,000 Aircrew who served only 28% got through the war without having been killed, seriously injured or taken Prisoner of War.
  • Over 44% were killed whilst serving, giving the highest rate of attrition of any Allied unit, during the war.
  • The project provides an education for all ages through the first hand experiences of those involved, on all sides.


  • The Walls of Names at the IBCC carry the names of almost 58,000 men and women who lost their lives whilst serving Bomber Command.
  • The IBCC is the only place in the world where you can bear witness to all the sacrifices of this unit.  This figure is higher than the number of people serving in today’s RAF and Royal Navy combined.
  • Since inception IBCC has been working with veterans, recording their stories and preserving their documents and photos.  Their support during the creation of the project has been astounding.